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Getting tired of poor battery contact, hot buttons? Sick of that oxidized look your mod or atomizer has attained? Maybe you want a new look for your Mod or Atomizer but don't have the time or tools?

Vapour Shack now offer a Refinishing service to its customers. Our workshop staff using our wide range of tools and our specialised compounds we can fine tune the aesthetics and functionality of your vape setup for you!

Clear Coating

Want your Patina or shine to last longer. we also offer a clear coating service to lock in that look your device has attained. Please note that threading and battery contacts are not clear coated. This is to retain effective conductivity of your device!


Using our high quality polishing products, our workshop staff can bring that original shine back to your device, imperfections may still be visible after this process depending on depth, but the polishing process will not only improve the look of your device, but also improve its ease of operation.

Removal of Patination

Patination can occur on brass, copper and some stainless steel surfaces can be easily removed from battery contacts, external surfaces such as tube mods or atomizer barrels. This can improve issues such as hot buttons, improved battery life, and improvements in the operation consistency of your device. Please note that removal of patination will be guaranteed, but will return after a certain time depending on the type of material. This can be prevented or delayed by the application of clear coating. Patination can also damage your device and although the patina can be removed, damage cannot. We will not be responsible for any corrosive damage that has been caused by the process of patination.

Sand Blasting

Our workshop also has a sand blasting cabinet. if you wish to have the shiny appearance of your devices removed in favour for a more matte or textured finish, sand blasting is perfect for this application. Items are disassembled to individual parts before being individually blasted in the cabinet. Each part is then thoroughly cleaned, removing blasting media from any crevices so as to not impede on the operation of your device. This process can vary on the hardness of the material being sand blasted.

Terminal and Switch Upgrades

Our workshop can source most types of upgrade parts such as terminal screws providing better coil conductivity, better corrosion resistance and/or better ways to fasten coils to terminals. This is essential to reduce the risk of fluctuating resistance values along coils, coil shorts or reduced coil life, hot buttons. reduce issues of corrosion and overall better life for your device. New type temperature controlled devices rely heavily on solid contact points.

We can also replace or upgrade most type of switch magnets if required. Due to the many types of products on the market, some replacement parts may be unable to be sourced due to non-standard sizing, obsolete parts etc.

Thread & Contact Cleaning

Cleaning of threading and contacts not only improves conductivity, but also the smooth operation of your device. Screwing on atomizers, changing tube lengths, button adjustment can all be affected by patination (see above), general use, and arc debris that builds up over time. foreign build up of materials can damage delicate threading on your mods or atomizers, making it harder to use your device or in worse cases, fail completely.

How to order this service?

To purchase this service, please select your required choices and the costs will be automatically calculated for you at checkout. We also suggest that you contact us by email with a description of your device and any pictures. This will assist workshop staff in being able to determine if spare parts are easy to be sourced (if needed). Costs cover all workshop labour fees and return postage of your item back to the address listed in your customer account. The cost does not cover sending your item to our workshop, this is to be paid by the customer, and must be sent via registered post.

We would also like to add that customers include a note with their item for any issues they may be having with the device so that our workshop staff can fully diagnose any issues that the customer may be having. Please note that depending on the workshop service selected and the severity of the issues being rectified the process may take upto 2 weeks. Make sure you have a spare device, nobody like not being able to vape!

Sending Batteries with your Devices

When sending in devices to be repaired, if your device uses more than two batteries and/or batteries larger than 18650, we recommend that you also send these with your device in protective non-conductive packaging. This also allows us to determine if there may be an internal battery issue or fitment of batteries used within the mod. This can also be beneficial in cases where multiple batteries are used, where issues such as defective or out of specification batteries may be causing operation problems. This also allows us to confirm that your batteries provide the correct operation required for your device.

Ensure that batteries are removed from the device and are separately packaged in a suitable protective, non-conductive packaging when being sent for refinishing services.

Refinishing Services

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