The Surplus Mod

Vapour Shack Australia's own custom mod, " The Surplus".

100% designed and built by Vapour Shack Australia.
Bringing a mix of digital and analogue instrumentation to vaping. A world first never before seen!
Some say it's the brainchild of advanced Cold War visionaries, the plans to assemble this exotic device uncovered by Vapour Shack on a secret mission behind enemy elitist lines. We may never know its true origin!

Each unit comes completely assembled including Certificate of Authenticity and Vape Identification Number (VIN), as a precaution if you are captured by the vaping elite and are interrogated about the location where you obtained "The Surplus"!

Includes Cold War issued Reactor Core (18650 Battery), to be installed when delivered.

This product is made to order in a secret location under the cover of darkness. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for production after we confirm your selected options via our high secret communications (email).

If you have any special requests to make "The Surplus" completely unique, please let us know and we will try to assist you!
Due to the top secret nature of this product, its camouflage scheme is unique, this is to avoid discovery from the elitists! (Paint schemes are individually hand crafted).



1 X 18650 Battery (Authentic Samsung 25R)
Self Adjusting Brass/Stainless Steel 510 Connection
Inbuilt Micro USB Charging & Charging Cable Supplied
DC Moving Coil Ammeter (Displays Atomizer amperage when Atomizer button is pressed)
DC LED Voltmeter (Displays Atomizer Voltage when Atomizer button is pressed)
Momentary Action Stainless Steel Vandal Proof Switch (Atomizer Switch)
Momentary Action Switch (Searchlight Switch)
Genuine CREE Side Mounted Searchlight LED
Enamel Airbrushed or Dipped Paintwork



    Airbrushed paintwork gives a surface coating with less texture than dipped paintwork. The application process is done in multiple stages depending on the scheme that has been selected. Every scheme done by airbrushing comprises of at least:

    • 1 x Base Coat
    • 1 x Airbrushed Colour Coating
    • 2 x Clear Coatings

    Dipped paintwork gives a textured surface due to the nature of the application procedure used which is completely different to the airbrushed method. This method is also different every time it is applied creating a mod unique to any other surplus mod made before it. Coating consists of at least:

    • 1 x Base Coat
    • 1 x Dipped Colour Combination Coating
    • 2 x Clear Coatings

    Only one colour coating is used as all colours are mixed at the time of dipping.


Rising from the depths of the Soviet Union, Cold War Red comes embellished in the finest of no frills red paint technology. Stamped CCCP issued logo and nuclear proof coated for the harsh conditions of your air raid shelter. Very stronk colour, best in Russia!

Outback conditions require the best sand proof coatings possible. Another ground breaking development, Desert Storm has been designed to fight the climate of outback vaping while still providing light camouflage for your device!

For the ultimate in stealth vaping operations, Hitman Black is the go to camouflage for ultimate secrecy. Recommended to be outfitted with a matt os semi-gloss finish to avoid arousing suspicion!

A colour as consistent as quicksand, Khaki blends well in the baron sand landscape. Don't drop it it may sink into the sands of time!

Sprayed everywhere in the U.S. Forces, Olive Drab is the go to colour for army freedom. Found in the latest lost air supply drop abroad, this coating is apparently flak proof and as superior as Cold War Red. Don't let the vape communist elite find you with this colour. Matt or semi-gloss finish is the best for the harshness of military grade vaping!

Built for the Coldest of winter environments, Winter Camouflage is perfect for thick vape clouds in white snow!

If your hideout is in the woods, look no further. Woodland Green features the latest in camouflage technology to hide your vape from Smokey The Bear!

They're coming thick and fast! Zombie Apocalypse is the best coat for your device when the undead come knocking. Finished in tried and tested zombie repellent colours, this scheme is the sure fire way to guarantee your survival in the zombie apocalypse!

Want your own covert finish? Let us know your requests and we can make it happen. Contact us with your camouflage requirements for your very own vape survival conditions!


  • Matt, Semi-Gloss, Gloss


  • Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
  • 9.1mm, 14mm


  • Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow, Delete Light

  • Black, Black/Red, Stainless Steel, Delete Switch

Currently, this version is limited to a 10amp discharge capacity. This is to protect all internal circuitry and to provide correct functionality of the ammeter. If you require a higher capacity discharge, please let us know and we will try and assist you with your requirements. This will be an extra cost.

The Surplus Mod

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