Evolv Reflex - Blue

Evolv Reflex, It’s vaping down to a science! The Reflex is a Pod style E-Cigarette designed with ease of use and the utmost quality available for E-Cigarettes. A compact, yet intelligent device designed with the user in mind delivering the best vaping experience possible.

The Evolv Reflex is the only E-Cigarette designed to respond to the user, just like a traditional cigarette. Draw harder, the Evolv Reflex immediately gets more intense. Draw softer, it backs off. This is why the Evolv Reflex won’t make you cough.

The Evolv Reflex features three settings that match ultralight, light and full flavour cigarettes.

Designed and manufactured in the United States of America, from global components to the highest quality and performance standards. Each component in the Evolv Reflex has been designed to offer optimal functionality whilst providing a premium aesthetic and feel to the user.

The main body of the Evolv Reflex is extruded from Aluminium, giving it a lightweight yet sturdy construction and has been anodised to a depth of 25 microns.

The easy to use power / select button, machined from clear polycarbonate features an RGB LED light. This provides you with a simple at a glance status information on the device which includes power on status, current puff intensity selection and battery charge level.

Housed within the Evolv Reflex is a 750mAh rechargeable battery. Recharging is performed by using any Micro USB cable (not Included).

All operations and power delivery inside the Evolv Reflex is performed by Evolv’s very own patented DNA circuit board technology. As with all Evolv DNA circuit boards, the Evolv Reflex can also be connected to a PC and by installing the additional Evolv EScribe software, details of the device such as usage statistics can be viewed and more, giving the user detailed information on how they use the device.

Because the Evolv Reflex tightly limits the temperature of the coil within the pod, they also last much longer than other Pod type E-Cigarettes.

The Evolv Reflex has a QR code etched onto it which can be scanned with any compatible barcode scanner or any smart phone. Within this QR code, details such as serial number and date of manufacture can be viewed.

The Evolv Reflex is designed to work exactly like a cigarette. Bring the tip to your mouth and draw as you would a cigarette. Blowing into the device or clicking the button 5 times will lock or unlock the device.

Featuring a unique refillable and replaceable pod manufactured from Black Ultem (PEI), the pods are extremely heat resistant and are completely Bisophenol A (BPA) free. The use of Black Ultem also makes these pods highly resistant to “Tank Cracker” types of E-Liquids such as Citrus, Menthol and Cinnamons. Each and every pod will vape the same as the last. You will never get a bad pod!

Evolv Reflex pods feature a coil precision crafted from 316L Stainless Steel. The coil is then cap welded to gold plated contacts giving you unprecedented conductivity. The pods are designed to allow the Evolv Reflex sensors to constantly measure any changes in air flow and coil resistance, giving you real time control throughout your puff.

All Evolv Reflex pods are ultrasonically weld sealed and pressure / leak tested. They are also manufactured to strict wicking and coil resistance tolerances, enabling the Evolv Reflex to give you unparalled consistency, repeatability and reliability when in use.

Just like the Evolv Reflex device itself, every pod receives its own unique QR code which can be read by any compatible barcode reader or smart phone and allows you to access all individual pod’s test data, batch coding and more.

To remove or refill the pod, press and hold on the two release buttons located on the sides of the Evolv Reflex and pull the pod upward to remove it.

Refilling is a simple process via removing the silicone plugs from the bottom of the pod and refilling your preferred E-Liquid with the use of a nozzle tipped E-Liquid bottle or dropper. After refilling the pod, fit the silicone plugs to the pod taking note of proper orientation of the fill plugs. To reattach the pod to the Evolv Reflex, align the pod with the edges of the body of the Evolv Reflex and press firmly until the pod snaps into place. Ensure that the pod is fully seated. The Evolv Reflex will then commence an auto-wicking cycle.

Finished in a beautiful Blue anodizing, the Evolv Reflex is delivered in a sealed, recyclable cardboard box and includes the following items which include a colour illustrated instruction manual.

1x Evolv Reflex device

1x Evolv Reflex pod

1x Padded and fitted fold open carry case

1x Colour illustrated instruction manual

Dimensions with Pod installed

Length:       84mm

Width:        30mm

Depth:        11mm

Weight:      37.5g

Evolv Reflex Device Body Materials:       Anodised Aluminium

Evolv Reflex Pod Body Material:              Black Ultem (BPA free)

Evolv Reflex Coil Material:                        316L Stainless Steel

E-Liquid Capacity:                                       2 mL

Battery Capacity:                                        750 mAh

Power Output:                                            3 – 25 Watts

Recharging Current:                                   1.0 Amps

USB Connection Type:                               Micro USB

Similar to the size of a cigarette lighter, the Evolv Reflex is a highly compact yet quality device. From its durable construction, wonderful aesthetic and ergonomic design, to the individually tested pods and Evolv’s patented DNA circuit board technology. The Evolv Reflex offers the best vaping experience possible with the highest quality in a device designed to adapt to the user, without the added weight and size commonly found in other E-Cigarettes.

All Evolv Reflex devices and Pods carry a unique identifiable QR code with information such as, serial number, date of production, test data, batch coding and more. A 90 day Warranty guarantees that your Evolv Reflex will be free from any defects in materials or workmanship. Warranty claims are handled by Vapour Shack providing local service and support if needed, giving you peace of mind ensuring that the Evolv Reflex is ready to go when you are.

Replacement pods can be purchased separately in packs of 2 or a box of 10. Please note that a micro USB cable is required for recharging the device or connection to a PC and is available to purchase at extra cost if required. If you are unsure if you currently have a suitable cable to recharge the Evolv Reflex, please contact us and our friendly staff will be able to assist you with this or any other questions that you may have about the device.

Evolv Reflex - Blue

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